The 3 Best Tips On Buying A Foosball Table


People wonder why The table soccer is called foosball, this is actually derived from the German Fußball “football” thus you got foosball. It’s also called a table football (in case you’re wondering). Foosball ignited because of the passion for football. Football might have originated in Brazil, but it’s a worldwide phenomenon unlike anything else.

Football or soccer fans are among the most emotional and most dedicated of fans ever, that is why because of the popularity of football that anything football is very welcoming, including the table version of it. You usually see these things as the centerpiece for sororities, bars, company playrooms and the likes. It’s A great and fun game that helps pass the time and very intense. It’s even often used as a platform for betting.

The top foosball tables of the year

If you’re into this thing or you think that this is fun and you want to get one for yourself, then there are things that you need to consider. Right now with so many around, you can probably buy one right now but you still need a good eye for it. There are only two kinds, the used and the new. If you plan to buy one, look for these first regardless if the table is new or used because these things are of great quality.

  • Tornado Elite Foosball Table
  • Warrior Professional Foosball Table
  • Tornado Sports Foosball Table
  • Tornado Classic
  • Tornado T-3000
  • KICK Foosball Table Legend-Best value for Money Foosball Table
  • KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black
  • Gold Standard/Shelti Pro Foos II Standard Foosball Table
  • Carrom Signature
  • Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

Foosball inspection guidelines

Now, the best way for you to get the best foosball table is to inspect it for any imperfections regardless if it’s used or brand new. Because there are certain flaws that can affect your gameplay and cause people to fight.

  • Do a ball rolling test, if the ball will roll on its own then you got an uneven surface
  • Look for the nes that have hollow rods, because hollow rods are light and won’t give your wrists too much stress that can greatly affect your gameplay
  • Find a table that has better grip
  • The lighter the table the better

Here are some general rules

Here are the general rules that you need to know when you inspect a foosball and even any wooden types of furniture. Buying these types of things is serious, so you need to have a good eye. If you’re drunk, come back once your sober.

  • Ask about the materials used – This will be the basis of your inspection. The more premium materials the better.
  • Ask for the price – This is a deal breaker, if the table is too pricey don’t buy it, there are a ton of tables to choose from that are reasonable.
  • Check if it’s levelled – If you plan to lessen the number of fights that will occur because of foosball, it all starts with a leveled table.
  • Check for imperfections – Chips, cracks, stains, rusts, thee little things that don’t affect your gameplay but can help you haggle for a lower price.

A foosball is a great part-time, especially for the people that loved football so much. But getting a good foosball table is not easy, in fact, you need to have a good eye in order to know how to get the best ones there is. Know more information about best foosball table click the hyperlink.

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