Vision Control Tactics of Zed Teams in Korea


Vision control is a cornerstone of success in League of Legends, and Korean Zed teams showcase a meticulous approach to maintaining visibility on the map. This overview delves into the specific vision control tactics employed by these teams, with a focus on key objectives like Dragon 롤 대리 and Baron Nashor.

  1. Early Game Warding:

Deep Warding Strategies:

Korean Zed teams emphasize early game deep warding to gain insights into the enemy jungle and potential roams. Placing wards at key entrances, such as the enemy jungle’s buff camps, enables Zed to gather information on the enemy jungler’s movements, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Scuttle Control:

Securing control over Scuttle Crabs is a priority for Zed teams in the early game. These neutral objectives not only provide vision but also grant valuable movement speed boosts, aiding Zed’s mobility and roams.

롤 대리

  1. Control Wards and Sweeping:

Strategic Placement of Control Wards:

Control wards play a pivotal role in Korean Zed teams’ vision control tactics. Placing control wards in critical areas, such as river entrances and jungle chokepoints, ensures persistent vision denial for the enemy team.

Sweeping and Denying Vision:

Effective vision control goes hand-in-hand with denying the enemy’s vision. Zed teams prioritize sweeping enemy wards, especially around key objectives, to create opportunities for picks and objective control.

  1. Objective-Specific Vision Control:

Dragon Control:

For Dragons, Korean Zed teams strategically place vision around the Dragon pit and surrounding areas. This vision ensures awareness of enemy movements and provides opportunities for picks or engages during Dragon contests.

Baron Nashor Vision Strategies:

Prioritizing Baron Nashor vision involves deep warding in the enemy jungle and control of key river brush areas. Zed teams use vision denial tools like control wards and sweepers to establish control around the Baron pit, setting the stage for secure Barons or potential picks.

  1. Vision Prioritization for Split-Pushing:

Side Lane Vision:

Given Zed’s affinity for split-pushing, Korean teams place importance on vision in side lanes. Deep wards in the enemy jungle adjacent to side lanes provide Zed with the necessary information to safely split-push and avoid potential ganks.

Enemy Jungle Vision:

Vision control extends into the enemy jungle to facilitate Zed’s split-push. By placing wards in the enemy jungle, Zed teams gain insights into enemy rotations and potential collapses, allowing for informed decision-making during split-push scenarios.


Korean Zed teams showcase tactical mastery in vision control, recognizing its profound impact on Zed’s ability to exert pressure, make informed decisions, and secure crucial objectives. Whether through deep warding in the early game, strategic use of control wards and sweepers, or vision prioritization for split-pushing scenarios, these teams craft a vision-centric approach that aligns with Zed’s 롤 대리 dynamic playstyle. The strategic dance of vision denial, objective control, and ambush tactics contributes to the success of Korean Zed teams, making them formidable contenders in the competitive landscape of League of Legends.

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