NBA 2K18 review


If you have played the earlier versions of NBA 2K, get ready to be surprised, because this one has edged over everything. Think playing as Jimmy Butler and Tyler Johnson, well, NBA 2K 18 does just that. It puts you in the shoes of the players way more than it did ever before.

On Court
The game on the court is truly entertaining. The controls are great and many moves that didn’t make sense earlier have been done away with. Your knowledge of real-life players will come in handy here. If you know which player plays what best, you will have an upper hand in the game. The players perform just like they would in real life and it’s really fun.

The controls on the game are baffling. Whether its rebounds, fast breaks or shots, the clarity and precision of the game has been improved greatly. Defenders and attackers take default positions intelligently allowing you to concentrate on the play. You can select the amazing MyTeam mode that allows you to make a team of random players and then put them to battle with other online teams.

NBA 2K18

Some ‘buts’

There are some issues with the game though. Mainly, we could highlight the insensitive increase in the use of virtual currency her. You are forced to buy things in the game, like everything, whether it’s a T-shirt or shoes. Even the increase in your character’s stats requires virtual money. The earning process is really slow and you would fall behind those who pool in real money if you don’t pool in yours.

Timeouts is another issue. Frequent timeouts taken by the opposing team becomes annoying and you can do nothing about it. It interrupts the flow of the game. At times, you could 먹튀 and be back.

There’s also a silly story mode attached to the game. While it may not be all that eventful, it does add a sense of diversity to the game. You can even 먹튀 do-nakes virtually.

NBA 2K 18 may have some minor issues, but the overall experience is so overwhelming that you will care little about it. The game has shown great promise, all in all.

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