TOP 7 Adventure Games for Android


Who doesn’t loves to Play adventure games? Especially when then come mobile handy

Find the best adventure games for Android tested by us. Find the mobile, tablet or TV application that suits you in our games catalog sorted by publication date from the most recent. From independent games to large licenses, find the best mobile and tablet games.

Here’s a list of top adventure games for Android

1) Pokemon Go

In Pokémon Go, players can catch, trade and battle their Pokémon using their GPS location. The mobile gaming experience brings the world of these pocket monsters into real life by searching for these creatures and fighting in arenas similar to the games released for handheld consoles.

2) Reigns Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones is a card game where all your decisions have repercussions. The game immerses you in the medieval world of Game Of Thrones. Depending on your choices, you can place your favorite character on the Iron Throne.

3) Tails from BorderLands 

Point’n click for Android, Tales from the Borderlands is an interactive narration set in the universe of the famous video game series of the same name. After Borderlands 2, the player finds Rhys and Fiona in their difficult collaboration.

4) The Eyes of Ara

It’s now on our Android mobiles and tablets that we can explore The Eyes of Ara, so it’s time to keep our eyes open!

During the 3 years of work to create this game, we can feel that Ben Droste has paid attention to the smallest details, and even if some passages may be less accomplished, he clearly studied his project to propose a coherent adventure, (almost) anchored in reality, with multiple secrets and a re-playability to finish entirely The Eyes of Ara by finding all the hidden objects.

Moreover, and this is a great quality for the older ones, one immediately feels an inspiration much closer to a Myst than to the previously mentioned titles, with a mind much more focused on solving the enigma after looking at multiple details in the environment to be explored, than on intrinsic manipulation, the use of mechanism and object, etc… The difficulty becomes somewhat higher, so it is important to know this beforehand.

5) Bring You Home

Bring You Home is the latest addition to the Iberian studio Alike Studio, developed by who first amazed us a few years ago with a production called Love You To Bits in which we had to solve puzzles, each one more brilliant than the other, in a world full of sensitivity and spirit. On top of that, regular updates had been proposed, with new levels never seen before, the fans were thrilled! You can imagine that when we heard about the release of a new original creation, we couldn’t help but download it to tell you about it!

Bring You Home has the same ingredients that made its predecessor a success, emotion, shimmering colors, charming, funny and colorful characters and original and amazing puzzles, so it’s already off to a good start because the basics are there, all that’s left to do is to take a closer look to see if it takes! I suggest you without further delay to check with me if the smoke of this new recipe smells successful or not, we will see that in the following lines.

To start, you can enjoy Bring You Home on mobile and Android tablet, and on each of these devices, the fun will be there even if the controls of the Apple TV version are a little bit lower. Another interesting point, strangely enough rare, your game is saved in iCloud, you will be able to switch between your devices without having to start the game again each time!

6) Returner Zhero – Final Cut

Remember, in October 2017 the Fantastic studio, yes released its very first game on smartphone and Android tablet, named Returner 77. This adventure game with multiple puzzles had given us a big visual slap in the face, and we really enjoyed it.

Well, the studio decided to exploit this universe and this scenario once again by unveiling another part of the story of the Returner mission, trying to save all mankind, by finding Colonel Ling again. With Returner Zhero it will be a rather similar principle, different locations, puzzles a little more diversified and an immersive science fiction environment with quite magnificent graphics, rocked by an intense soundtrack. But will you have the guts to succeed in this new mission to save the Earth?

After a short introduction, introducing you to the context of the game, which you might know if you had gotten lost in the meanders of the first opus as we did, namely that aliens have invaded the Earth, wanting to exterminate humans. Little by little as you progress, you will discover a little more about why you are there.

You embody a scientist who risked everything to get on this ship in order to spy on the aliens, but who was cryogenically frozen for five years. You finally wake up when Colonel Ling arrives in these same places to help you. You will thus learn in the first moments to manipulate the interface in order to succeed in your journey in Returner Zhero, to come out of this massive crystal ship and finish your mission.

7) Golf Club: Wasteland

In a world where metropolises are expanding into ever larger urban spaces, gradually nibbling away at the little corners of the countryside that are conducive to the practice of a good number of outdoor sports, it is not surprising to see new sports practices emerging in people’s minds that are completely adapted to this new environment. Street sports are therefore developing more and more, as proof, you have certainly heard of Parkour, Double Dutch, Street Basketball or even BMX Street.

Demagog Studio offers us with Golf Club: Wasteland an original game that follows this trend because the character you will play is a Street golfer like no other. If you like games that break the established codes, if you appreciate environments that are out of the ordinary and finely crafted titles, you might be overjoyed by this golf game like no other. To be sure of that, all you have to do is read the following few lines.

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