Playing Online Games with Family: Which Games to Choose?


Thanks to technology, families can now use smart devices to spend time together and have fun. Many interactive games have been developed to promote family recreation. Some of them are proving to be good options to kill time with the loved ones. Those are well-developed multiplayer online games which allows every player to take a turn.

Connect 4

Highly inspired by Captain’s Mistress (the classic version), connect 4 online game in one the most played board games. The aim is to line up four discs of the same color vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The rules of the game are simple and everyone can play. Connect Four by Hasbro is played by two players, no more and no less. Each gamer chooses their color and has to create an effective strategy to place four discs of their own in a straight line four times. Connect 4 is the kind of online game that strengthens the bond between family members.


Like Connect Four, online Monopoly is inspired by a classic version. Every member of the family, from children to adults, knows how to play it. There is now a version specially made for smart devices. As everyone knows,this game is traditionally played on a board with Monopoly money. It is able to providefun and knowledge about investing to all the members of the family. Currently, you can play it on your smartphone or digit tablet. In turn, each player rolls dice before moving pointers. They earn money and assume ownership.

Draw Something

If you are looking for another modern game to play with your relatives, Draw Something is a perfect choice.Like Connect 4 and Monopoly, Draw Something is also adapted from a classic version. The aim of the game is to challenge each other on drawing things according to given descriptions. One of the greatest advantages of this online game is its simplicity. Plus, it gives your family the opportunity to play with other gamers all over the world. Each player has to take turns participating in the drawing.

Hidden Objects

This online game brings out each player’s detective. Hidden Objects allow family members to find clues and special items distributed around a virtual crime scene.Hidden Objects is like a scavenger hunt where the players have to solve a criminal case. For this purpose, they must find the hidden objects in order to collect evidence. This online game can also be played with other players from other countries.

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