How much do you know about the game of Rugby?


Rugby is a collective sport in which two teams of 15 players face (in the most widespread rugby mode). The goal is to put the oval ball in the opposite scoring zone more times than the other team. The basic equipment of a player is formed by a shirt, a short, a pair of socks, boots and rugby protections. Click here for rugby shorts with pockets. 

Rugby history

There are some ball games that can be considered the ancestors of rugby. Among them, we find the haspartum, which was practiced among the Romans, and the soule, which the French practiced in the Middle Ages. Later the hurling was born, descended from the soule, which was introduced in England by the Normans when they invaded the island. Visit this site for rugby bags hong kong.

Rugby, as we know it today, was born in the city of England called Rugby. During a football game, William Web Ellis committed a foul by catching the ball with his hands to run towards the rival goal. Quickly, this new game expanded in England, beginning to practice in many schools. It didn’t take long to cross seas and oceans. In 1877, rugby was present in all British colonies and, above all, in India. The International Rugby Board is an international institution founded in 1890 to regulate the game. In France, the Stade and the Racing Club de France played the first final of the French championship on March 20, 1892.

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Historic rugby players

Since the creation of rugby, some emblematic players have appeared, including:

Johan lomu

Born 1975 and originally from New Zealand, he was an All Blacks player in 1994. 

Bryan havana

Born in 1983, of South African origin, he stands out in his eaves position for his speed tip and his power.

Juan martin hernandez, aka “the magician”

Born in Argentina in 1982, it is a very effective means of opening. 

Brian o’driscoll

Born in Dublin in 1979, he is known as BOD or Drico. Play regularly in the center position three quarters. In Ireland, fans like to take banners with the slogan “In BOD We Trust.”

Jonathan peter wilkinson (or jonnywilkinson)

Born 1979, in Frimley. In the Six Nations tournament of 2008 he was the first English player who exceeded 1000 points in this competition. 

Basic rules of rugby, how to play?

The ball

The ball must be oval, with four panels and must respect the following dimensions: length (between 28 and 30 cm), greater perimeter (between 76 and 79 cm), smaller perimeter (between 58 and 62 cm) and weight (between 410 and 460 g).

These dimensions can be reduced only for school players and rugby schools. It is very important to choose the size of the ball well.

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