Why Ping Is Necessary For The Game LOL?


LOL stands for League of Legend which is an online video game that was developed by Riot games. This game is inspired by Warcraft III. It is an online multiplayer game. The destruction of the Nexus of the other team is the only goal of this game. When one starts collecting items and experience it becomes stronger overtime in the game. From the time of its release, it is a famous game and has gained popularity over time. Lol ping test shows the statistics of the game. Even the results are also shared when one pings the other for their results. If one needs to ping one, then deselect all the players and then select one player whom the person wants to ping.

How to ping in the game

When one needs to ping the other person, then the command prompt can be opened and the ping command can be executed. If one tries to download and play the game then the ping level increases automatically. If the update goes on the background then the ping points will go down. Due to the diversity in the game and the points, the game becomes unplayable. Ping is basically a protocol. When the ping is less than 50ms then it is a good ping, less than 100ms is average ping and more than 150ms will lead to more ping but it can also lead to experience lag.

LOL stands for League of Legend which is an online video game

Servers of Ping

There are different servers in the LOL game where ping can be given to the other players. The South-East Asian server is regarded as one of the best servers as it is having the average number of ping.

Why ping is necessary for LOL game

In every game, networking is very important. Without networking one cannot understand the levels of the game properly and gaining experience will be difficult.

  • For gaining good experience, it is important to ping others.
  • To increase networking between the people it is important to communicate with different types of people.
  • When there are many people in a team the chances of winning increase. To increase the levels of the game and to win the rewards it is important to ping others.
  • The ping test also takes place between people so that players can understand well who can be in their contact list.
  • There are different methods by which ping can be done in this game. By checking in the game, by ping in the server directly, etc.

Conclusively, in the game, LOL ping is one of the important ways or factors to communicate with the other players that will also increase the possibility of latency tests. Pinging the server directly is one of the easiest ways to ping but pinging after checking in the game is equally important to earn rewards.

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