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Specializing in bird toys for African Grey Parrots.  Parrot toys for bird of all sizes, Huge selection of bird toy parts for the toymaker.

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Shopping for an African Grey or Toy Shy Bird?

About our Bird Toys
Parrot Toys and Safety

We specialize in Parrot Toys for African Greys!

Sharing your life with a companion parrot is a serious responsibility which takes a great deal of time and dedication.  One of the challenges faced is to provide your bird with a stimulating and entertaining environment.  Parrot toys are an important tool in helping to meet this challenge.  Unfortunately stimulation and entertainment can be achieved only if your parrot will play with the toys you purchase.  That is where we at Nalani Toys can make the difference.  Not only are our parrot toys some of the most creative and detail oriented available anywhere, but birds just love them!  Our toys are very unique in design and for the quality and detail, moderately priced.

Check both the Conure Bird Toys and African Grey Bird Toys for Timneh Grey parrots.

What makes our parrot toys so special?  We know what birds want, what attracts them, captivates them and enthralls them.  The use of color, texture and detail help to make toys that are impossible to ignore.  Why are we so confident about our parrot toys?  We design for some of the toughest critics that have ever flung food and pooped on the carpet, our flock of seven.   Most birds would love to live in a household with a never-ending supply of parrot toys.  As embarrassing as it is to admit, we were not blessed with birds that embrace the concept of new parrot toys with joy and longing.  Most of our flock view them with suspicion and sometimes fear.  It took patience, observation, determination and lots of experimentation to really get a handle on how to design with the creative magic that makes a toy irresistible to the staunchest critic.  

We've got a huge selection of bird toy parts!


Since our flock is primarily African Greys, we use them as the basis for designing many of our medium parrot toys.  The category listings for Conure Bird Toys and the African Grey Bird Toys are filled with recommended parrot toys.  Look for the Grey seal of approval for toys that are easily introduced.  There are even some toys that have earned the Double Grey seal of approval for being extraordinarily well accepted.  We also have plenty of bird toys for the rough and tumble parrots who will play with just about anything.


Don't forget foot toys for your parrot!

All the toys manufactured by us are made in a bird-free workshop in the U.S.  This workshop is used only for the manufacturing of parrot toys.  All toys are new and have never been exposed to other birds.  Every step of our toymaking process is performed under strict quality control measures and no corners are cut.  We are fully committed to the health and safety of every parrot that plays with our toys.  We strive to use the very safest of materials and even take the extra step to weld all our o-rings closed (exception:  cockatiel toys).  Designs are continually tested for safety, looking beyond the newness for potential problems as wear and tear occurs.  Please note that we will do everything humanly possible to keep your bird safe, but it is ultimately your responsibility to monitor playtime with all new bird toys and inspect them DAILY for continued safety.  Please visit our Parrot Toys and Safety page for more important tips.

We've even got huge bird toys for the big Macaws!

Besides the large selection of parrot toys we manufacture, we do carry a handful of specialty bird toys and supplies that are made by other manufacturers.   For those who like to make their own bird toys, we also stock a varied selection of bird toy parts.  

Have further questions?  Need help picking out the perfect parrot toys? Do you have questions concerning bird toy parts?  Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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