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A virtual care startup called brain games focuses on evaluating and enhancing brain functions. Our digital goods, which are accessible in 18 languages, are used by more than 4 million individuals.

CogniFit is happy to be utilized by the research world and multinational corporations and works incredibly hard every day to preserve its position as a pioneer in the central nervous system wellness sector. Additionally, by clinically verifying a number of products, such as psychotherapy for the thinking skills impaired by Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Chemotherapy Brains, Seizure, and more, we are entering the online presence for brain diseases.

A group of scientists, programmers, neuropsychologists, and psychologists created all of our services by fusing cutting-edge neuroimaging with AI algorithms that were built into gamified cognitive assessments and therapies. Our neural stimulation and cognitive exploration instruments are based on a distinctive approach created to assess, train, and precisely track certain cognitive talents and their connections to neurological disorders.

Our basic technologies test more than 23 essential cognitive abilities, automatically determine each user’s specific cognitive status, and then deliver a customised brain training programme.

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Brain Training

Neurobics are mental (cognitive) practices that promote recognition memory, minimize memory lapses, and increase brain activity. Neurobic exercise boosts the brain’s muscle in the same way that physical exercise does for the body. We are all aware of the advantages of aerobic exercise for the heart and lungs, but we frequently ignore the advantages of neurobics for the development of stronger neurons and neural networks. Even though the relationship is so obvious, it is frequently disregarded. In conclusion, neurobics thoroughly excite a variety of brain regions.

Cerebral shrinkage is the cause of loss of memory. The brain may degrade without stimulation, just as bone density decreases and muscles contract without exercise. This is why neurobics are crucial for achieving your memory goals today as well as in the next years. Additionally, neurobic exercise may enhance recognition memory. The best protection and complement to a cognitive training technique, then, is consistent mental health.

Although neurobics won’t boost the memory in the same manner as a sensor, concentrated memory enhancement activity, the element of concentration they may provide makes them the ideal complement to tools like Memory Palace training methods.

This continuous exercise of the brain to recall and recognise old happenings is termed as brain training and is used in various different fields nowadays.

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