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Bitskins recently experienced a crash in our CS: GO case and capsule system. We have identified the issue, and we are working to fix it.


Bitskins was having some issues with their bitskins CSGO cases/capsules system and ended up removing them all. This is standard stuff, as things like this always happen on Steam and non-Steam platforms. Even big sites like G2A have had problems over the years. So, what’s the big deal? Well, the situation was even more significant than they thought when they removed them all, as they have been posting updates on what caused it, but more importantly, how to fix it. We are now up to post 4 with a new update coming today.


Skinbay is one of the largest CS:GO marketplaces, with millions of dollars worth of items on the marketplace. Skinbay has been having some issues over time with their payments, and they have had to take down both CSGO and TF2 items in their store many times. Back when they took down their CSGO items, they said they were working to resolve it, but as time goes on, it won’t ever be fixed.

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You should expect more crashes like this as these sites get more and more users. I have had issues with my CSGO items on both skinbay and eBay. CS GO gaming community has even had issues with the game crashing on their systems. If you want to watch a player having to restart the game because of issues, check out this video.


So what should you do if everything is okay and your items are still on your account? Well as long as things are okay on your end, there’s nothing to worry about. CS GO csmoney gaming is a huge community and with millions of players there will always be a few that have issues. It’s the nature of this game and you just have to deal with it until Valve or another company comes out with a solution. You can still make money off of your cases and capsules.


As you can see on the main page we have to buy keys and open cases, and cases are super cheap right now. If no one buys them soon then they will go up in price again as they always do. So it’s best to just pick up as many cases and crates as you can.


How do we know that the prices will not go down? Glad you asked, this is a screenshot of their inventory from the Bitskins marketplace. 

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