Your Guide for Picking the Right Insoles


Investing in a good shoe is important because it facilitates ease of movement. Whatever profession or activity you engage in, shoes have a huge part in your success. With this, you need to find a good one. However, you do not stop the moment you find the right shoes because there is another thing that you need to think about – insoles.

Shoe insoles are pieces of material that you put inside the shoes. Some people refer to this as footbeds. You can buy insoles separately or it can come together with the shoes the moment you bought them. There are different reasons why people consider insoles. There are those who seek relief from foot pain, those who are seeking comfort from outdoor and sports activities and those who want to replace their worn-out pair of insoles.

If in this case you are looking for hiking boots with arch support, you have to know that it can be an overwhelming task especially if you don’t have an idea about it. Fear not because, with the right information and guide, you can pick the right insole quickly. To start, here’s your guide to picking the right insole:

The size of insole

To achieve an optimum fit, you need to make sure that you have the right insole size. Shoe size is different from insole size. The numerical shoe size, whether it is the US or UK is based on your foot’s length. It is measured from the tip of the longest toe to the heel. Measuring insole is different because while you have the same foot length, each requires different size inserts because of the arch length. The good news is that you can get an insole  sizing chart to be sure.

If the sizes end up between half sizes, you should round it up to the nearest size. You can choose from a full-length insole or ¾ length insole.

The placement of insole

If you consider a full-length insole, you should remove the existing insole before placing the new one. Remember that full-length insoles will completely replace the old ones. If you consider a ¾ length insole, you should position it on top of the existing shoe insole. This means that you do not need to remove your existing insole.

The foot arch type

There are three arch type namely neutral or medium arches, low/flat or fallen arches and high arches. The insole will be designed base on your arch type. When looking for insoles, it is imperative that you know your foot arch type. You have to be careful because wearing insole that is not a match to your arch type can be painful at the end of the day.

The footbed type

Generally, insoles have different footbed constructions namely rigid orthotic arch support, semi-rigid orthotic arch support, cushioned arch support and the flat cushion. The footbed will depend on your reasons for seeking insoles. You have to be sure that it will suit your needs.

The materials used

Insoles are made from gel, foam, leather, and cork. The materials that you will choose will be dependent on your preference.

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