Fencing equipments for fencer


Fencing is one of the difficult and challenging sport among many others.  You must be well known about the basics steps for the sports in order to make perfect move. In this fencing there are basic three steps:

  • Lunge
  • Parry
  • Riposte

Lunge is one of the basic attacking move, in this move your front leg will extended to the maximum you can and your back leg will remains the same.

Parry is a defense action, this will helps you to block your opponent.

Riposte is a counterattack by the player who is blocked by his opponent.

Like these there are plenty of basic steps which are there in this fencing game. When it comes to a fencing game, a player must be fully protected in order to avoid getting injured. Hence it is your duty to buy a perfect jacket, helmet, gloves and pants for your use.

Jackets: The fencing jackets are specially made for this purpose. In this fencing game there are three different weapons are used and for every weapon you need different jackets .

Plastron: This is an underarm protection kit, This is extremely strong and very protective for the player.

Mask: Mask will completely protect your head and prevent you from getting injured. Like jacket every weapon has its unique mask.

Knicker: This is something like half pant which you have to wear overlapping 10cm of the jacket. When you are looking for knicker you can search as hema pants for tournaments. This is one of the tournament approved pants, so there is no need to worry about buying this.

Gloves: Gloves will helps you to protect your forearm. It will also gives you to have good grip.  There is lot of chances that you will get hurt in your arms hence wearing gloves will be really helpful for you to protect your arms.

Chest Protector: This chest protector is either made up of plastic or aluminum which will protect your chest. This is compulsory for a female player, even this chest guard is also there for male players but that would be primarily used when they are in training period.

Shoes: You can fins shoes which are specially designed for fencing. It is also important to use fencing shocks which will cover your remaining part of your leg which is not covered by your knicker.

These are some of the basic and common equipments which you have to have when your fencing. All of these items are available both offline and online. The choice is yours you can buy them either at the stores or via online sellers. There are plenty of options available, among them you have to select the one which is durable.

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