A Quick History Check of the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry


Fantasy sports are contests where players compete against each other by building a roster of athletes from various leagues, competitions, or sports. These players have to mind the salary cap when choosing their team. They can earn points based on the players’ performance in real-life competitions, which run across an entire season. On the other hand, daily fantasy sports were created to show that fantasy sports don’t have to run a full season, and it became a huge hit. You don’t need to wait long to win real money because daily fantasy sports allow you to win consistently.

Understanding Daily Fantasy Sports in a Nutshell

Daily fantasy sports is straightforward. First, you enter a type of contest, which depends on the service provider you choose. After that, you need to build a team from a particular slate of games. Next, you track your team’s performance and then collect your winnings once the contest is over. For example, you enter a contest over at FanDuel. Next, you create your NHL team using the NHL Fanduel Optimizer. After that, wait until the contest is over to see if you win. Many people use the Fanduel Optimizer to help them choose the best roster for a contest they’re playing.

Fanduel Optimizer

How the Internet Changed DFS

DFS was once played in the 1990s in a baseball game called Dugout Derby and a football game called Pigskin Playoff through several newspapers across the United States. They also follow the same template as most DFS platforms in today’s world. In 2009, FanDuel was launched by Nigel Eccles for modern DFS players. Later in 2012, DraftKings was established and became a significant competitor of FanDuel. Unfortunately, DraftKings wasn’t playing around when a Major League Baseball sponsored them, showing players that they are legit.

With how fast the DFS industry grew, it received tons of sponsorships and gained more sports by 2015, with NBA sponsoring FanDuel and the NHL sponsoring DraftKings. Fast forward a few years in 2018, and significant DFS providers entered the world of sports gambling. And that’s what we have right now, as we continue to enjoy the entertainment that daily fantasy sports bring to every sports lover.

The future of DFS is unknown, but it’s expected to grow and expand to other gambling-related markets. For now, DFS players continue to enjoy the contests while making money at the same time.

Final Thoughts

DFS is a legal form of entertainment that focuses on a game of skill instead of a game of chance. So it’s no wonder that it’s exempted from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 (UIGEA). So you can enjoy DFS without worrying about legal consequences. Thanks to the loophole that Nigel Eccles found, everyone can enjoy DFS as much as they want.


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