How to Find the Right Golf Clubs for Seniors


Golf brings out the best in senior players. It is more than just a past time or hitting a ball with a club. Golf allows senior players to have a little exercise, socialise and sharpen their precision. With this, it is common seeing seniors making a trip to the golf club every day.

Using traditional clubs may pose a challenge for senior golf players. For this reason, many golf club manufacturers designed special clubs and other accessories to give justice to the physical structures of seniors.

If you are looking for the best golf clubs for seniors, you must consider the following tips:

Think about the shaft
If you use traditional clubs, you will find it difficult to cover a good distance – even if you put all your might in a shot. Choosing the right club will allow you to cover a greater distance with little effort. The first thing that you need to look into is your swing.

It will be challenging to adjust your swing because your agility diminished. For this, you have to think about the shaft of your golf clubs. To facilitate proper swing, you need to look for shafts that are made of a flexible iron compound.

best golf clubs for seniors

Choose hybrid clubs
Hybrid clubs are versatile. Most seniors prefer it because it can replace a range of irons anywhere from 2-iron to 8-iron loft. Aside from the loft, the heads are generally shaped like a fairway wood but smaller and shallower. Hybrid clubs are made of wood and iron, which will enable you to use little power but covering maximum distance.

Consider additional wedge
Choosing the right wedge can dramatically improve your game. A younger golfer with good stance finds it comfortable to use wedges and 3 wood. For seniors, it is better with additional loft to their driver and tree wood. This can facilitate proper play. Seniors also need a fourth wedge.

Get the correct shaft
It is obvious that you need to get the correct length of the shaft. This is based on your physical strength, body type, and height. In general, taller players need a longer shaft to play well. Aside from that, you also need to consider the suitability of the shaft to your swing and shaft flex.

For seniors, it is important that you check the shaft specification like its weight. It is prudent to choose a shaft weighing not more than 60 grams. Due to lightweight shafts, even seniors now can enjoy making perfect swings. You also need to check the grip end of the club. More importantly, a longer shaft is ideal for you.

Determine the flex’s level of stiffness
You should particularly determine the flex’s level of stiffness. If it is not suitably stiff, it can pose a problem for you. Remember that a club with the wrong level of stiffness will force a ball to rise up in the air.

Ultimately, it is important that the golf club is comfortable and flexible. Take your time when choosing. If it is possible, do your own research so you will know what to look for. As soon as you found the right club, you can focus on boosting the speed of your swing.

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