How to improve your population in Anno 1800? Check these useful tips.


The new chapter of Anno 1800 will take you back in time during the first years of the rising Industrial revolution and in this article, it might be good for us to talk about its new and important features that are totally different from its predecessors, the Anno 2070 and the Anno 2205 as the developers of this game brings you back to the historical times.

The previous releases which are the Anno 2070 and the Anno 2205 presented us with a futuristic vision and great technological advancements while this previous release focuses on allowing the players to travel to space and create their own colony on the moon, the Anno 1800 takes you back to the historical times and the places during the XIX century where it was the birth of the Industrial era where you will be able to build your own city at the beginning of this century and transform your city into an industrial power.

Usually, players find themselves building houses first during the first phase of the game in order to grow a population, as the game progress the population needs stability by providing them their needs and maintaining their happiness which is very crucial in allowing your citizens to advance into the next tier and complete the entire game. In order for you to gain the Tier Advancing as well as houses and needs for this game, you will read in this article all the needed tips in order for you to maintain your people happy. For more information about this check out this link

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A lot of players are stuck with some of the gameplays of Anno 1800 because of its complexity, however, it is as simple as the rest of other RTS franchises which is why to help you out here are some useful tips tricks and strategies that you can use improving your population and make it grow bigger and happier.

Maintain a good supply of needs and goods- Ideally, you will want to place your mark in and place a few houses around the supply building when these are all built you will certainly notice that when you click on a farmer’s house and check how strong it is supplied with all the needs and goods. If you decide to build the supply building inside those 35 tiles allocated to it, you can ensure that around a hundred percent of the entire supply to the market and your farmers can start filling these houses built near it. If you built the houses or the supply building far from each other it will only partially cater to the demand of the population and will only affect the growth of your citizens’ minimally.

Advancing houses to higher levels- In order for a house to level up for the population class to upgrade as well, you need to have all the basic needs of the citizens in order for your population to grow fully as well. Only then, you can advance to the higher tier of the game. For farmers, during the beginning of the game, you need a market close to their houses aside from supply buildings in order for them to get all their needed supplies. If you are able to satisfy all of the farmer’s houses, then your population will hit the highest point in every house where you can upgrade the workers and farmers there. You can enjoy anno 1800 download here.

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