What is in store for football fans in the upcoming FIFA 20? Find out here


The release of the official trailer of the new FIFA game, the FIFA 20, or the 2020 season already hyped everyone around the world especially those who are crazy about football.

Although the game is still being developed by Electronic Arts in Vancouver, Canada, with it being the best football gaming franchise of all time after it was first released in 1993, it is safe to assume that Electronic Arts or EA is again looming to pull out all the stops for a massive game before it will be introduced by the two warring gaming consoles the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two.

One of the notable new features that FIFA 20 will be featuring is the improved manual defending on a one-on-one, the revamping of the shooting stance and skills, as well as the street and the indoor five-aside football mode. To know more details about this exciting game, here are some of the get more information now.

What can you expect from the upcoming FIFA 20 game? EA is continuing to improve some minor development concerns before it will be released in September, where it will feature some changes for the professional clubs and the new cover stars in the game.

Specifically, on September 27, EA will release FIFA, however, with no precise console gameplay information to share you with, all you can do right now is to speculate a bit, however, FIFA games are usually launching on the three core platforms which are the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, while there are also regular spin-off versions which could also be the first FIFA game to be available for Nintendo Switch, so you should expect nothing less when this game will be available on Steam, PlayStation Network, and your favorite gaming shops.

There is also a chance for an introduction to the initial next-generation FIFA game in a while as well which is in line for the launching of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two in the next couple of years, so you have to stay tuned for the meantime.

Usually, a FIFA game is launched every September most particularly on the last week of the month, and Electronic Arts already confirmed it for September 27 for the fifa 20 pc gratuit and if you are an EA Access player, you will get the chance to play the game earlier by a week, since the game launching on the subscription service will be up on September 19.

The previous FIFA games were launched on the same date September 29 in the 2018 and the 2017 versions of it, and as many predicted the FIFA 20 is set to launch almost precisely.

What makes FIFA fans excited is the return of the PlayStation 1 FIFA mode, futsal which features a street style football gameplay wherein you play five-a-side indoor and outdoor futsal games which they dub as the Volta Football Mode. In FIFA 20, however, you can get to choose the three versus three, four-versus-four, and the five versus five and the much-anticipated professional Futsal matches at the famous colossal stadiums around the world.

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