GTA V Mobile – Requirements, Download Process, And New Game Features


If you have been playing Grand Theft Auto you know how fun and interactive the game is. When it was first introduced to the public, it was only available for PlayStation gamers. The game evolved and it became available not only for Xbox and computer GTA players, but it is now available for mobile download. Now you can bring your GTA 5 mobile anywhere you want and play it anytime.

What’s New With GTA V Mobile?

A lot of GTA V players are wondering what makes this new version so special? A lot of changes happened with this new version. Aside from the fact that it now has two download options – for GTA 5 android and GTA 5 iOS, here are the new changes that you should expect from the new GTA 5 android gameplay.

  • Multiplayer Option. This is one of the most important changes in GTA 5 android gameplay. This will allow you to interact with the world and with other characters. This new feature also comes with an ability to choose from 3 different characters even if you are in the middle of a mission. This means that you will have different views and options to complete a mission on mobile GTA 5. You will also be allowed to choose from a selection of airplanes and helicopters. This, however, is only available in the multiplayer setting.


  • Gameplay Changes. With GTA 5 download, you will also have more freedom when it comes to your missions. Limitations are there but you can decide on how to complete your mission. Now, you will not die if you go underwater. GTA V will now let you access the underwater world using a wetsuit. You can also now go to the woods and the outskirts of Los Santos where you can hunt deers.
  • More Games. You will now have more selection of games and leisure activities. If you get bored with the plot, just to the nearest golf course. You can also go to a yoga studio an relax. The game is also no more realistic. In fact, you can blast through walls giving the game a more realistic feel with GTA v mobile.

Minimum Requirements For GTA V Android

If the above new features excite you with the new GTA 5 for Android, it is very important that you know the limitations and requirements when you download the GTA 5 APK download. If you follow the minimum requirements of GTA V, you would be able to download the game on your phone and play with it without facing any problems.

For GTA 5 mobile download on Android, you need to have at least an Android version 3.5 or preferably, higher. This is still an older version of Android yet you can download the GTA 5 APK and play it on your phone! You can download the APK if you have an lower android version, but many players admit that they are experiencing lag issues. So if you want to have a smooth and seamless gaming experience, upgrade your phone to the latest Android version!

Aside from that, your mobile device also needs to have at least 3GB of space. This is because when you download the game, it will only require 70 MB free space but once you install it, you need to have at least 2 to 3 GB free space on your phone to complete the download process.

How To Download GTA V Mobile? Here Are Some Steps.

Once you are sure that you have the above requirements, then you can start downloading the game. You need the APK from so you have to make sure that your device allowed any download from third party sources. Check your settings if you are not sure. Then click on the download link for android GTA 5 APK. Let the download finish then install the game. After installing GTA 5 on phone, give it time to load. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download process. Once completed, you will be directed to the game.

Why Download GTA V Mobile?

If you love Grand Theft Auto V, then you should never miss out on the chance to have it on your phone. If you have the system requirements, then why not download it and see for yourself if it gave justice to the PC and the console versions. This way, you can also share your experiences with other gamers who are also interested to download GTA V iOS or Android phones.

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