Gaming Console Mods – The Sweet Taste of Victory


Who doesn’t like to score big while playing Call of Duty or Pubg? It feels so good when finally you manage to headshot your opponent. It is satisfying to surprise your opponent as you jump and shoot at the same time. All these things become so easy when you have in your possession a modded controller.

Types of Modification

Modifications of controllers can be divided into broadly two categories –

  1. Internal Modification which enhances the controller’s functionality.
  2. External Modification or Skin that make the controllers and console attractive to look at.

What Internal Modifications Can Do

Internal modifications can enhance a player’s efficiency by making the player do certain moves that ,if done without modded controllers, require too much key-press in certain patterns.

            With these carefully arranged key-setting profiles, you can achieve high kill rates and your winning percentage will surely be increased.Below are some of the things that modded controllers help to achieve.

Rapid Fire – Ever wondered if you could fire your shotgun without the annoying interval time. With a Rapid Fire Mod you really can achieve.

Fast Reload- Since you can shoot so quickly with this interesting Rapid Shooting Mod, a need to decrease the reload-time also crops up. So the first mod is complemented by Fast Reload modification.

Auto Aim or Aimbot- Do you have a fantasy of killing your opponents only through headshots. With the Auto Aim mod in controllers, available on sites like, you can achieve an impressive headshot rate.

Rifle Mod- With Rifle mod, you can shoot your opponents all the while jumping in the air.

Gaming Console Mods


Tired of the boring looks of your gaming equipment. You can put skins on top of the body of your gaming console.

            The skins of console are made up of Vinyl Decals. There is even the option of getting customized skins as per your liking. One should get use skins made by reputed businesses likehttps://megamods.netthat sell skins of highest quality which will not leave any residue when peeled off. These skins also have the ability to protect your console from scratches and water splashes. Underneath the skin, the body your console remains intact. The skins can even make the controllers east to grip.

Modifying a console to bypass rules enforced by console manufacturer is not permissible under copyright law as it amounts to tinkering of the source code in the firmware. However, websites like only sell modded controllers and skins of console and controllers. Selling and using modded controllers do not break any law. If you want to excel in Call of Duty or say, PubG without finding yourself on the wrong side of law, your best bet is a modded controller. Now, go and win the battle! Best of Luck Player Unknown!

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