Purpose of lie detector test: the lie detector


A lie detector is an instrument to depict that a particular person is telling truth or not by testing only. These instruments are helpful to catch culprits especially and it is intended to use for judicial purposes only. A lie detector test is originated to detect the people who are lying to any cadre of people.

Working procedure of a lie detector test: It can detect those people who are lying at the spot. Thereby there is another process named Stim test is conducted to deliver the test reports to detect the lying answers to the appropriate subject asked by the officers.  In fact the validity of these tests will be conducted basing on modern technology which is up to date and moreover it results in cent percent accurate results. The culprits are asked with number of questions; it might be relevant, diagnostic, criticized modes of questions. In order to examine the lying one in various aspects, followed by passing the test is quite possible if the responses regarding diagnostic questions are quite more than the responses during relevant questions. So that overall conversations will be recorded finally.  For more information click http://www.liedetectortest.us.

Alternative to this lie procedure: There is an alternative for this testing procedure is GKT a Guilty knowledge test. It is also termed as concealed information test. It is generally implemented in Japan only. This test is conducted by the tester who is not aware of the crime knowledge. The questioning style is completely like questions with options provided to the participant. If the participant reacts strongly and replies to the questions appropriately then the participant is considered as the culprit here. So that he will be accused to witness the relevant case details. In this way this test is more effective. To know more about the testing procedures regarding; click http://liedetectortest.us/

Advantage and disadvantage of these lie detectors:

  • Prior advantage is it detects the lying people deliberately in front of investigating team with no issue. There will no chance of saving the culprits even receiving the orders from higher authorities as it is clearly recorded in the system with the accused participant statements accordingly.
  • There is only a drawback of this test that it enhances people to study the inner feelings whether they are right or wrong will be clearly live recorded during questioning mode by investigator team. But there is a chance of confusion to catch the right culprit behind the fraud in case of the people who unnecessarily fears and it might be stated in inaccurate results. So if you are aware of this test; being innocent employee, you need not worry about unnecessary fears and all.


There will be both states of mindsets resided with the people who believe these lie detector tests and who are not in a position to accept this fact. A part of these initiatives, there is also an allegation raised in some people that why polygraph shouldn’t be implemented in all the criminal cases. On further it might be also helpful to gather the required information from the culprits before going to face the sudden ridiculous attacks due to criminals in our country.

Although, many people doubt about is accuracy, the forensic scientists believe it to be based on deceptive behaviour of a person. It does not prove that a person is lying or speaking truth. However, these are found to be reasonably accurate and can help uncover the truth in seventy five per cent of the cases.

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