How to be More Popular on Instagram Fast


If you think about it, gaining instant social media popularity might look like an impossible challenge, but it’s not. Now, what if you want to achieve a goal of adding 2,000 more followers to your Instagram account in 6 months or less? Some of you who are reading this now might think, “That can’t possibly happen.” But what if we told you that you can achieve such an objective.

It’s no longer a secret that many of us want to gain more social media “creds” by adding more followers to our online accounts. To gain popularity in Instagram, then it should be in your best interest to read on to the rest of this post.

Understand Human Nature 

If you show love and support for others, then chances are they’re going to give something back. Now, let’s take a look at that idea in the perspective of an Instagram user. If you follow someone because you like to receive updates on their content, then chances are they’re also going to do the same. Think about it as a “Follow for Follow” campaign, but a bit more subtle and indirect as opposed to blatantly asking for a follow back. Also, don’t just follow random people just for the sake of it. To heighten the chances of the other Instagram user to follow back, you should have something in common. For example, if you have an Instagram account filled with pictures of dogs, then look for other users with the same or similar interests.

Keep to Your Schedule


Posting at random times within the day won’t get you much attention. You have to ensure your followers that you’re going to post at the same time each day. As a result, it gives them a sense that’s similar to waiting for their favorite TV show to start airing. So if you post at 7 am on a daily basis, then always stick to that schedule. Even if you already saw something that’s Instagram-worthy at 2 pm, hold on to that post until the next morning. It might be very tempting to post it, but you’re not going to gain a lot of views and likes if you haphazardly press that post button.

Don’t Post Blurry Pics 

Unless you’re going for the comedic approach, don’t post any picture that may look like you’ve just taken a photo of a fast car passing by. As a matter of fact, the higher the quality of the photo, the better. On that note, don’t overdo it with the filters. Filters edit the raw data of your photo, which means it alters bits and pieces of the image that may eventually turn into picture noise. This “noise” are those grainy bits that oftentimes destroy the quality of the photo. If you can use a dedicated camera instead of using the selfie cam on your smartphone all the time, then do it, especially if you want to gain more Instagram followers.


 Many of us don’t have the luxury of time as we sit on our office desks for 8 hours a day (or perhaps even more). Nonetheless, that burning desire to become Instagram famous is still there. If you can’t seem to break away with your work life but you want to increase your Instagram follower count, then perhaps automating the process can bring you closer to your much-coveted goal. You can even buy automatic instagram likes if you don’t mind spending the extra cash.

Ultimately, be positive in your approach to Instagram fame. There might be times when the results aren’t as impressive as you’d hoped, but keep at it and you’ll eventually reach your penultimate goal.

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