Features for Employees online time clock


Online Time Clock Software is a private limited company developing software and this software help to maintain management system for small business owners. This software is a category of computer software that allows its users to record time spent on tasks. This software is used by employees and business owner in many industries, including hourly workers and also professionals who bill their customers by the hour, such as lawyers and accountants. It is mainly designed for the small businessman who cannot afford the costly software. If your small business has some numbers of employees, you can get an account with employee time clock software service. All around the world, every business owner wants to take every report of their employees like timing, attendance, schedule, payroll and much more thing.

Features of online time clock software

Online time clock software has many Features that’s why business owners like to use this software more to maintain the schedule of their employees.

  • Schedule: – for employees, the online time clock is the best software to maintain their schedule properly. It is not easy to calculate employees work time. Employees can go into the online time clock software system and make a request for paid or unpaid time off. Once either approved by a manager the change will take effect on the online schedule. And a number of hours awarded for overtime will be automatically deducted from the employee’s available hours for the designated pay period. The manager also reserves the option to send the employee a message if the requested time over.
  • Payroll: – online time clock software offers advanced functions including overtime and time rounding. The Time Clock software payroll processing system will generate reports that include gross pay, hours worked, overtime, mileage and other reimbursements. All of the items on the payroll reports for each individual employee will be clearly marked; making it easy for you and your team to understand payroll.
  • Accounts: – every company required a manager to maintain and register every employee schedule separately and this maintains is very hard for one person. But now it is very easy to maintain every employee details and report with the help of online time clock software. With the use of this software, each employee will able to register personally into the program. And you can set a unique password of every employee that all users will utilize to register their account.
  • Security: – For any software, the first thing which is very important is its security. employees online time clock software clock software is needed to assign specific computers or IP addresses that are allowed to be used for clocking in and out. This software cannot be open by an unauthorized It is the fact that Time Clock software can be accessed via the internet on any device this security measure is to ensure people are truly at work when clocking in and out. In the event that a user attempts login from an unauthorized location, an email or text message will be instantly sent to you with a detailed notification of the occurrence.

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