Advantages of Free SMS


SMS or short message service has seen a gradual increase in it usage from the time of its birth. Initially it was limited to 60 characters, and then with the increase in usage, it was extended to 320 characters and 1024 characters. Now, many companies are using it as a smart mode of marketing. As more and more brands are hunting for customers and are constantly struggling to grab customer attention, SMS has become one of the mediums to attract public thoughts. The SMS is becoming an essential part of multi-channel marketing and are being adopted by digital marketing agencies too; since it is unlimited free SMS. Thus, this mode of marketing has been known as mobile marketing.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing:

SMS marketing is an easy channel of communication. Even if you want to promote any app or shopping web site or promote details about your brand new store; through SMS you can reach anybody in the location. Get details from the local telecom operator and grab customer attentions. It is a direct and immediate channel. Marketing personnel send messages in bulk to vast number of people. You can use this service to let people know about any rebates or new models. The read rate is known to be up to 97%, within a delivery time of thirty minutes. Hence, it is known to be around 50% more than email or social media marketing.

The good thing about SMS is it unlimited free SMS. Through some channels, you can send messages to phones through website too. It is very interesting and customer engaging. One advantage with SMS is that you can make it as an interactive channel. Know about your customers and get feedback for your surveys, new launched products or general review of the service. According to studies which were conducted on people, the averages of 30% customers like responding through short message service, rather than emails. Since, the time duration of viewing the content is less and you do not require internet connection, in order to respond to text.

Engage your customers by using techniques like using short codes or funny memes or any other type of symbols which your customer remembers even after long duration. Make the short code or keyword an interesting point, due to which they will remember your codes for longer span of time. The purpose of this is to make your brand name fixed in the minds of people. This way, it is much easier to build your own database.

The other advantage of using the short message service is that it can be integrated along with other channels. SMS is in itself stand-alone medium of marketing. However, it can also be integrated with other mediums, such as email and social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. For example, you can generate interest in people, by reminding them about the emails which they would have received or about discounts in particular section of app. You can provide links in the messages for following them on Twitter handle or on Facebook page.

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